As an established online rewards platform, Swagbucks offers users various ways to earn gift cards and PayPal cash, distinguishing it from competitors with its diverse earning opportunities through activities like taking surveys, shopping online, and playing games. With an extensive history of over a decade, Swagbucks has paid out over $650 million to its members and boasts an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, alongside a high reputation evidenced by numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Delving into the question of ‘Swagbuck’s legit or scam?’, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s legitimacy, drawing from Swagbuck’s strong industry reputation and user feedback found in reviews and various money-making apps. By examining Swagbucks surveys, cashback opportunities, and the ease of redeeming rewards, we’ll explore the real value Swagbuck’s offers to individuals looking to earn free money online.

Getting Started with Swagbucks

To embark on your journey with Swagbuck’s, a simple sign-up process awaits, rewarding you with a 10 SB bonusimmediately upon registration. This platform is designed for users from various walks of life, including teens aged 13 and abovecollege students seeking extra income, and anyone interested in affiliate blogging or earning passive online income. Here’s a straightforward guide to getting started:

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Swagbucks

  1. Register and Earn Your Bonus: Visit the Swagbuck’s website or download their mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, to create your account and earn a 10 SB bonus.
  2. Explore Earning Sections: Familiarize yourself with the different ways to earn SBs such as Coupons & Cash BackAnswering SurveysDiscovering Deals, and Buying Gift Cards.
  3. Daily Polls and Surveys: Participate in the daily poll to earn 1 SB. Surveys can pay between 40-200 SB and typically take 10-30 minutes, providing a decent way to accumulate points.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Swagbuck’s not only offers a variety of earning methods but also ensures a secure experience with a comprehensive privacy policy and user-friendly support options available for inquiries ranging from customer support to career opportunities. Whether you’re looking to save money through coupons or earn rewards through interactive surveys and games, Swagbuck’s provides a robust platform to enhance your online earning potential.

Maximizing Earnings through Offers

Download Apps and Play Games

To maximize earnings on Swagbuck’s, engaging in app downloads and game play can be highly rewarding. Users can earn several hundred SB points by downloading apps and playing games. High-value offers often include popular games like “Rise of Kingdoms,” where reaching level 18 can yield up to 10,000 Swagbucks.

Shop and Earn Cashback

Shopping online through Swagbuck’s links with partners like Argos, Currys, eBay, and Expedia not only provides convenience but also rewards users with cashback in SB points. Additionally, using Swagbuck’s for everyday online purchases can accumulate points quickly, especially when taking advantage of frequent sales on rewards, allowing for redemption of vouchers for fewer SBs.

Engage in High-Paying Offers and Surveys

For those looking to significantly boost their SB earnings, participating in high-paying offers is key. Opening a Chime Banking Account can earn users up to 30,000 SB for a limited time. Similarly, driving for Uber Eats offers a substantial 20,000 Swagbucks reward. Regular engagement with surveys, polls, and the daily to-do list on Swagbucks can also contribute to steady earnings, with potential daily earnings that can help users reach substantial monthly goals.

Cashing Out Your Swagbucks Rewards

Redeeming Swagbucks: Gift Cards and Cash Options

To convert your Swagbucks into tangible rewards, users have a variety of options. Gift cards, one of the most popular redemption methods, can be accessed directly through email delivery. For those preferring cash, PayPal provides a convenient method, requiring users to first verify their accounts. Additionally, Swagbucks offers unique sweepstakes entries, known as Swagstakes, for a chance to win larger rewards.

Understanding Reward Delivery and Verification

Upon redeeming rewards, it’s essential to check your email for virtual cards such as Mastercard or Visa Reward CardsAmerican Express virtual reward cards follow a similar process. The delivery times for these rewards can vary, so patience is sometimes necessary. Users looking to track the status of their orders can do so through their Swagbucks account or the confirmation email sent post-redemption.

Issues and Resolutions with Rewards

Occasionally, rewards may be refunded or placed under review, requiring users to verify their accounts to resolve any issues. If there are problems with a redeemed reward, contacting Swagbucks support is advised. Their return policy also allows for the return or exchange of items if there are any issues with the redemption process.

Swagbucks Tips and Tricks for Smart Earning

Set Swagbucks as Your Default Search Engine

One of the simplest ways to earn points passively is by setting Swagbucks as your default search engine. This allows you to accumulate points just by conducting your regular online searches, turning an everyday activity into a rewarding experience.

Engage Regularly in Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls are a staple for earning on Swagbucks. They can vary significantly in terms of reward points, typically offering between 40 SB to over 100 SB per completion. Regular participation can significantly boost your SB balance, making it a worthwhile routine activity.

Utilize Referrals and Swag Codes

Referring friends is highly beneficial. When a friend signs up through your referral link and earns 300 SB, you receive 300 SB. Moreover, you continue to earn 10% of their earnings for as long as they use Swagbucks. Keep an eye out for Swag Codes as well, which are special codes released sporadically that can be redeemed for extra SB points.

Achieve Daily Goals

Swagbucks sets daily earning goals, which, when met, yield bonus points. Consistently meeting these goals can add up to a significant amount of extra SBs over time, enhancing your overall earnings from the platform.

Participate in Swagstakes and Play Games

Entering Swagstakes gives you a chance to win large amounts of SB points through limited-time giveaways. Additionally, playing online games through Swagbucks not only provides entertainment but also helps you earn up to 6 SB per game, contributing to your points pool.


What are the drawbacks of using Swagbucks?
The primary disadvantage of Swagbucks is the significant time investment required to earn rewards. Tasks such as completing surveys and watching videos typically offer small payouts, meaning you need to dedicate a lot of time to earn substantial rewards.

Can you actually receive real money from Swagbucks?
Yes, Swagbuck’s pays out real money. Users earn points known as SB by engaging in various online activities. Each 100 SB is worth approximately $1. Additionally, there are frequent promotions that may offer gift cards at more favorable rates.

Is Swagbucks a legitimate platform?
Yes, Swagbuck’s is considered a legitimate platform where users can earn rewards for various online activities.

How much time is required to earn $100 on Swagbucks?
Earning $100 on Swagbuck’s can vary in time. Daily activities can yield a few dollars, potentially adding up to over $100 per month. More lucrative tasks, such as high-paying offers and games, might allow you to earn $100 or more in a single day. Generally, users can make an additional $1 to $5 daily by playing games and completing surveys on Swagbuck’s.

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